What is Range Management?

»» Recommended Reading – Range Management’s Record
»» Required Reading – Perspectives: Science in Rangeland Management

 Plant Response to Disturbance

»» Supplemental Website on Meristems and Tillering Webpage
»» Background ReadingUnderstanding Grass Growth: Webpage
»» Supplemental Website on Basic Grass Growth Webpage
»» Required ReadingRange Readiness
»» Require ReadingCarbohydrate Reserves: What you learned may be wrong.
»» Required ReadingFactors Influencing Grazing Tolerance

Plant Nutritive Value and Toxicity

»» Required ReadingWhy Range Forage Quality Changes. 1999. Lyons, Machen & Forbes. Why range forage quality changes. Texas A&M System. AgriLIFE Extension Bulletin E-99.
»» Required Reading Why Animals Die from Eating Poisonous Plants
»» Required Reading – Reducing Losses Due to Tall Larkspur Poisoning

Range Animal Digestion & Nutrition

»» Required ReadingRange Animal Nutrition (J.E. Huston and W.E. Pinchak) – web page
»» Required ReadingRuminant Animal Nutrition (Ruminant Nutrition for the Graziers  (ATTRA) – pdf or web page

Matching Supply & Demand

»» Required ReadingNutritional Value of Range Forage for Livestock (Ruyle)
»» Required ReadingMatching the Cow with Forage Resources (Adams et al.)

Stocking Rates

»» Required ReadingUnderstanding Forage Intake in Range Animals (Lyons et al. 1999)
»» Required Reading – An Approach for Setting Stocking Rates by J.L. Holechek
»» Required ReadingGuidelines for Setting a Stocking Rate by K.L. Launchbaugh
»» Highly Recommended Reading – More info on calculating stocking rate by M. Pratt & G.A. Rasmussen

Problems to Try:
»» Simple Stocking Rate Scenarios/Problems and Answers
»» 3 Stocking Rate Problems and Answers
»» 5 Stocking Rate Problems and Answers
»» Extra Stocking Rate Scenarios/Problems and Answers

Grazing Methods/Systems

»»Required Reading – A Summary of Livestock Grazing Systems Used on Rangelands in the Western United States and Canada
»»Required Reading Grazing Management: A Viewpoint.  by M. Kothmann (**Note there is a link on upper right corner “Login.” You can Login with your UI username and password)
»»Required ReadingGrazing Systems from National Range & Pasture Handbook -NRCS
»»Required VideoFollowing the Green– Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission

Animal Behavior

»»Required Reading – Making Sense of Animal Conditioning 1999
»»Required ReadingPalatability – More than a Matter of Taste
»»Required ReadingLearning What to Eat and What to Avoid
»»Required Reading – Behavior Depends on Consequences
»»Required Reading Mother Knows Best
»»Required Video – Origins of Preference (on YouTube)

»»Recommended Reading – Management strategies for optimal grazing distribution and use of arid rangelands. by D. W. Bailey. 2004

Livestock-Wildlife Interactions & Multi-Species Grazing

»»Required ReadingLivestock-Big Game Relationships: Conflicts and Compatibilities. 1990. By M. Vavra, M.J. Willis, & D.P. Sheehy
»»Required Reading –  Successfully Managing Rangeland for Wildlife and Livestock. By A. Anderson & K.C. McCuistion
»»Required Reading – Multispecies grazing: The ecological advantage. 1994 By J.W. Walker

Integrated Weed Mgmt & Targeted Grazing for Weed Mgmt

»»Required Reading – Rangeland Invasive Plant Management 2010. By J. DiTomaso, R. Masters, & V. Peterson. Rangelands. 37:43-47.
»»Required Reading – 2006 Targeted Grazing—a New Paradigm for Livestock Management. 2006. By K. Launchbaugh & J.W. Walker
»»Required ReadingPrescription Grazing for Rangeland Weed Management. 2003 by R. Frost & K. Launchbaugh.

Fire and Grazing Interactions

Required Reading -Planned Herbivory in the Management of Wildfire Fuels. 2007. by G. Nader, Z. Henkin, E. Smith, R. Ingram, and N. Narvaez. Rangelands 29(5):18-24

Riparian Grazing Management

Required Reading – Fact sheet “Training Livestock to Leave Streams and Use Uplands”
Required Reading – Can Fish and Cows Coexsist. 1998. by L. Fitch and B.W. Adams

Watershed Management with Focus on Livestock Grazing

Required Reading – Prescription Grazing to Enhance Rangeland Watersheds. By 1993. W. Anderson.

Forest & Orchard Grazing

Required Reading – Applying Targeted Grazing to Coniferous Forest Management In Western North America
by Steven Sharrow

Recreation Options on Rangelands

Required Reading – Outdoor Recreation Is for the Birds—Or Is It? by Richard Knight. Pages 1 & 23-27 in the Quivira Coalition Newsletter (1999 Vol. 2)
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Additional Excellent Articles from this Newsletter:

Creating Working Landscapes & Preserving Open Space

Required Reading – Landscape Attributes Of Subdivided Ranches by Mitchell, Knight, and Camp. 2002. Rangelands 24(1):3-9.