Introduction to REM 456 – Jan 13

Class PresentationIntro to REM 456

What is Range Management? – Jan 13

Class PresentationWhat is Rangeland Management?
» Class Notes  on what is rangeland management.

Background Information on Plants
Review this presentation and notes if the following terms are note familiar and clear: Grasses, Grass-like, Forbs, Shrubs, Herbaceous, Browse, Mast, Annuals, Biennials, Perennials, Native plants, Introduced plants, Naturalized plants, Suffrutescent, Cool Season plants, and Warm Season plants.
Presentation Plant Basics
» Background Notes – on Plant Basics … <pdf>

Plant Response to Disturbance – Jan 20 -27

Class Presentation – on Plant Morphology affecting Response to Disturbance
» Note Guide – on Plant Morphology affecting Response to Disturbance … <pdf>

Class Presentation – on Plant Physiology affecting Response to Disturbance
» Note Guide – on Plant Physiology affecting Response to Disturbance… <pdf>

Class Presentation – on Plant Response to Grazing
» Note Guide – on Plant Response to Grazing… <pdf>

Class Presentation on Plant Response to Fire
» Note Guide – on Plant Response to Fire … <pdf>

Plant Nutritive Value & Toxicity Feb 1

Class Presentation  – Plant Nutritive Value
» Note Guide – on Plant Nutritive Value

Class PresentationToxic Range Plants
» Note Guide – on Toxic Range Plant
» Recommended Video  “Chemical Warfare” -Univ. of Wyoming Extension (1 1/2 min.)
» Required Video  “The Challenge” -Utah State Univ. Extension (16 min.)

Range Animal Digestion & Nutrition – Feb 3

Presentation Classification of Herbivores
Note Guide on Classification of Herbivores

Presentation Digestive Anatomy
» Note Guide – on Digestive Anatomy

Presentation – on Animal Nutrition
» Note Guide – on Animal Nutrition

Meeting Demand & Forage IntakeFeb 8

Class PresentationAnimal Demand
» Note Guide – on Animal Demand

Class PresentationMatching Supply and Demand
» Note Guide – on Matching Supply and Demand

Intake & Setting Stocking RatesFeb 17 & 22

Foraging Intake Presentation in YouTube  or Presentation in MS-Office Mix
» Note Guide – on Foraging Intake

Presentation Stocking Rate Concepts
» Note Guide – on Stocking Rates

Presentation Calculating a Stocking Rate
» Note Guide – on Calculating a Stocking Rate

Presentation –  Background Presentation on Calculating Stocking Rates…PowerPoint Presentation

Molly Texan Example
Presentation with answers on Mollie Texan example
» Worksheet on stocking rate problem called “Mollie Texan”
» Answer sheet for “Mollie Texan” problem

Grazing Methods/Systems – Feb 24

Presentation – on Grazing Methods
»Note Guide – on Grazing Methods

Presentation – on Grazing Systems
» Note Guide –  on Grazing Systems

Animal Behavior – Feb 29, March 2 & 7

Presentation – on Basics of Animal Behavior
» Note Guide – on Basics of Animal Behavior

Presentation – on Diet Selection
» Note Guide – on Diet Selection

Presentation – on Habitat Requirements
» Notes Guides– on Habitat Requirements

Presentation – on Habitat Selection
» Note Guide – on Habitat Selection Basics

Livestock-Wildlife Interactions & Multi-Species Grazing – March 21

Presentation Livestock-Wildlife Interactions
» Note-Guide – on Livestock-Wildlife Interactions

Presentation Multi-Species Grazing
» Note-Guide – on Multi-Species Grazing

Integrated Weed Mgmt & Targeted Grazing for Weeds – March 23

Presentation Integrated Weed Management
» Note-Guide– on Weed Management

Presentation Targeted Grazing for Weed Management
» Note-Guide – on Targeted Grazing for Weed Management

 Fire and Grazing InteractionsMarch 28

Presentation Fire and Grazing Interactions
»Note Guide – on Fire and Grazing Interactions

Presentation Grazing after Fire
» Note Guide – on Grazing after Fire

Riparian Grazing Management March 30

♦  Presentation Riparian Grazing Management
» Note Guide – Riparian Grazing Management

Watershed Management with Focus on Livestock Grazing April 4

Presentation – Rangeland Watershed Management
» Note Guide – Rangeland Watershed Management

Forest & Orchard GrazingApril 4

Presentation – on Forest Grazing Management
»Note Guide – on Forest Grazing Management

Recreation on RangelandsApril 6

Presentation – on Rangeland Recreation
» Note Guide – on Rangeland Recreation

 Grazing EconomicsMay 2

♦ Presentation – on Economics of Grazing
» Note Guide – Sorry, a note guide was not yet been created for this presentation

Creating Working Landscapes & Preserving Open Space May 2

♦  Presentation – on Working Landscapes and Open Space
» Note Guide – on working landscapes