Final Project

The Final Reports for REM 456 identify and assess current challenges for management of rangelands visited on the field trip. Each team will summarize a major concern or issue you discovered in discussions with stakeholders on the field trip. This report should be written in a way that would be useful to these managers and stakeholders.

Problem Statement:

On Friday, April 29th  each team will submit a Problem Statement of the issue or concern you observed (worth 10 points). In this short 1-2 page report (single-spaced) describe the concern/issue selected.

  • Summarize the major ecological or management concerns relative to the issue you have identified. Why is the concern/issue an ecological or economic problem?
  • How wide spread is the issue? How does it specifically affect the people and lands we visited?
  • Cite appropriate literature to support your concern/issue and describe the magnitude of the problem.
  • Do not include your solution to address this problem, just clearly describe the challenge, concern or problem.

Oral Presentation:

On Wednesday, May 4th  each team will present a summary of the challenge to the class (worth 10 points). Your team will summarize the problem and provide specific details about the related challenges..

  • The Oral Presentation will be evaluated on:
    • Summary of Major Ecological or Management Concerns
    • Specific magnitude and extent of the problem
    • Quality of Information or Solution (i.e., complete and free of errors)
    • Graphic Quality (word slides, pictures, flipchart, etc.)
    • Presentation Skill and Organization
    • Click here to see the form that will be used to evaluate the presentation

Final Paper:

On Friday, May 13th each team will submit a Final Report (worth 80 points) including the following components:  **10 Bonus points will be given to reports received on Wednesday, May 11th

  • Overview of the problem or challenge.
  • Necessary information or proposed solutions to address the specific concern  identified. This report could be an actual proposed solution or an extension-type bulletin to bring information to decision makers. If a proposed solution is offered, it is necessary to describe resources that might be available to facilitate implementation of your proposal and describe obstacles that must be overcome.
  • Each report should be as thorough as possible and include references you used to explore the topic in a literature cited sections at the end of the report.
  • The full written report should be 4 to 8 single-spaced pages. Maps, figures, and tables can be included within the page limit, but should only include figures or tables that are highly relevant to the topic.

Format for Final Paper:


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