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Information  on this site supports REM 456 Integrated Rangeland Management at the University of Idaho.  This 3-credit course is offered by the Rangeland Ecology and Management program in the College of Natural Resources.

In-the-NewsIf you find a good news article or video that relates to rangeland management or a topic in class – you can earn up to 5 BONUS POINTS.  You will get 1 point for each news item (up to 5) that relate to this class. Just send news item to Molly Kaweck (  If your news item is selected for use in class you will receive an extra bonus point.  So start looking around for rangelands in the news!

Students in this course examine management strategies to sustain values and uses of rangelands including livestock grazing, wildlife habitat, healthy watersheds, wildland recreation, and aesthetic value. Course materials emphasize herbivore ecology including ecological impacts of grazing, ways to manage grazing, and nutritional relationships between plants and free-ranging ungulates on rangeland, pastureland, and forest ecosystems.

Instructor-Info     Form to Report Absence from class.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Become informed and be able to clearly describe the challenges of rangeland management by listening to rangeland stakeholders and exploring newspapers, popular magazines, and social media.
  2. Gain understanding of the biophysical and social science principles that set the direction and limitations of change in rangeland communities.
  3. Create management approaches that will effectively address challenges of rangeland management.
  4. Clearly describe potential management options to land managers and stakeholders.

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